12 Reasons why we Homeschool

We are what people call “Home Educators”.  My wife does most of the educating at home of our 3 children.  At this time we have an 11 year old, a 10 year old, and an ~5 year old.  Homeschooling is a time consuming activity, against the social norm, and pretty much a life altering experience.

The most common question  that we get is “that’s interesting, why are you homeschooling?”.  (excluding the ‘Socialization’ question, which is bogus)

So, here is a list of some reasons:

  1. As the parents, we believe that we should be the primary influence on our children’s beliefs at this age. Spiritual, Political, Social, Financial, etc.
  2. As parents, we believe that God has given us the primary responsibility for educating our children.
  3. We believe that families function better if they spend more time together.
  4. We want to develop the Character of our children, and not let someone else do that.
  5. We believe that the relationships that are being built now will last a lifetime.
  6. We want to protect our young children from many things:  negative peer pressure; bullying; shallow thinking; greed; a consumerist mentality; hopelessness; poor self image; early exposure to inappropriate content.
  7. We see our children as a gift from God, and want to enjoy them.
  8. We like the schedule flexibility.
  9. We like being in touch with their educational needs and accomplishments, and help meet those appropriately.
  10. We want to ensure that we agree with the contents of the educational resources that our children use.
  11. We want to control and sometimes limit our children’s exposure to other children and their influences from home.  (no Sponge Bob, Twilight, or Harry Potter in this house)
  12. We want our children to love learning as much as possible, and hopefully instill and nurture that love for a lifetime.
  13. Because we can!

Our children are very healthy physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.  They love learning, they still hold hands with their parents, they have good friends.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I had been homeschooled.  Maybe I could tell the difference between 12 and 13.

For More information regarding the benefits of Homeschooling, I recommend reading this document:  http://www.nheri.org/ResearchFacts.pdf

and visiting the NHERI website:   http://www.nheri.org/    (NHERI stands for the National Home Education Research Institute)


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  1. Jason, we’ve considered what home schooling might look like for our daughter in years to come, especially getting closer to middle school age. Do you know parents that home school children with Autism or Aspergers? Our daughter has high functioning Autism, is smart as a whip, but it socially behind her peers, so there are pluses and minuses to home schooling (or so I think).

    • jasonvandehey says:

      Hey Michael, that is a great question. If I know any, I can’t say that they stand out. I’ll ask my wife if she knows anyone in her group(s) with Aspergers or Autism. Thanks!